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For CIOs, more of the same: Do more, not WITH more

Surveys abound. Gartner usually sets the pace, and CIOs are very willing to provide feedback to their analysts.

This years survey shows interesting news: more business initiatives (good for the economy), but their budgets are basically flat.  This will be a drain, and really push the savvy CIO to reach into their partner networks to pick up the slack on these initiatives for the enterprise.  Oh, and do it with no budget.

Whats at stake?  Everything.  Including their jobs if they fail to juggle all of these simultaneous programs.  Trust me, this is not easy.  More and more, the CIO needs to have excellent leadership (especially communications!) skills to pull this off.

One other item of note:  Have a look at the technology initiatives in terms of rankings of importance.  Interesting to note “Security” is on the bottom of that list.  rut-ro.  This speaks VOLUMES on corporate misalignment.  Stay tuned.  NEXT year we will see some interesting consequences - and a few unemployed CIOs.

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