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iPad in the corporate world: Succeeding and not trying?

This is striking.

Apple is redefining how strong the brand presence is in the Enterprise space.  Everyone has known the old adages that, “No one gets fires for buying (IBM/Microsoft/blah blah)”, but never has a brand been as strong as it is considering Apple has NO “corporate sales team”, and no true reseller channel.

Despite this, inclusion of the iPad into the pc marketshare numbers place Apple as the #3 worldwide manufacturer.

Yet now this will shift.  Industry-focus folks are being hired, Quality assurance teams in the corporate space are being corralled.  Corporate device delivery tools are in place and volume purchasing is now available to the largest of organizations.

So - what happens when they get serious about this market?  I guess it shows the power of several key components.  First and foremost - BRAND.  Undeniable.  Second - the halo effect.  When integration of the systems are as tight as they are between iPhones, iPads and Macs; the rising tide lifts all boats.  Lastly, the retail experience.  Who would have thought.

It’s magical.

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